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Institute of Cellular Neurosciences

Sigmund-Freud-Str. 25
53105 Bonn / Germany
Phone: +49-228-287 1 4669
Fax: +49-228-287 1 9121

By bus or train:

Information about travelling by train in Germany can be found at the www site of the german railway system (Deutsche Bahn AG). At the main station taxis are always available (takes 10 minutes, approx. € 10) or take the bus no. 601 (direction:Venusberg), which runs every 20 minutes during the day and takes 20 minutes between bus main station (Bonn HBF) and the terminal bus stop "Nervenklinik" direct in front of the clinic of neurosurgery. The Institute of Cellular Neurosciencies is located in this clinic. A "Preisstufe B" ticket is needed which costs approx. € 2.20.

Vom Bonner Hauptbahnhof aus erreichen Sie uns mit einem Taxi, Dauer ca. 10 min., ca. 10,- €, oder Sie nehmen den Bus der Linie 601, verkehrt alle 20 min, Dauer ca. 20 min. Steigen Sie an der Endhaltestelle ‚Nervenklinik' aus, direkt gegenüber der Neurochirurgie. Unser Institut finden Sie im Erdgeschoss der Neurochirurgie.

By plane:

The international airport Cologne/Bonn (25 km north east of the city center) is served by airport bus no. SB60 leaving in front of Terminal 2 ("D" - bus station) and Terminal 1 ("A" - lower level) which runs every 20 to 30 minutes during the day and takes 35 minutes between airport and Bonn Main Train Station (Bonn Hbf). Ask for a ticket of "Preistufe 3" including the surcharge for the airport bus (approx. € 6.10). For the bus no. 620 (described above) from the bus main station (direction: Venusberg) the ticket will be valid too. A taxi from Cologne/Bonn airport to the clinic is approx. € 40.

Visitors may also arrive at Düsseldorf airport which is about 50 km away from Bonn. From Düsseldorf airport take S-Bahn to Düsseldorf main station and then a train to Bonn (you may have to change in Cologne).

The international airport of Frankfurt is approx. 160 km away. The train station is conveniently located at the airport and there are numerous connections directly from the airport to Bonn main station.
By car:

University of Bonn, Medical Center (Building 81):

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