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As part of the cooperation with Bayer Pharma AG, doctoral prizes were again awarded for 2018 to excellent young scientists with outstanding doctorates at the University of Bonn. The prizes are endowed with €1500 each.

bild1.jpgDr. Julia Müller, a former PhD student at the Institute of Cellular Neurosciences, is the winner of a Bayer Doctoral Award 2018 for her outstanding doctoral thesis on the role of astrocyte dysfunctions in the development of temporal lobe epilepsy. The prize will be awarded at the Pharmaceutical Colloquium in October 2019.





Dr. Simon Höft was awarded with the “Bonner Preis für Medizin” by the University Society for his Dissertation “Charakterisierung von Gliazellen im Thalamus der Maus: Neue Aspekte glialer Heterogenität in Bezug auf Zell-Zell-Kommunikation“.








Dr. Stefan Paßlick (IZN)

is a winner of the Bayer PhD award 2014



Since 2009, The Bayer Pharma AG has recognized outstanding PhD thesis from the LIMES Institute and the Pharmaceutical Center of Bonn.  Each year, three 1,500 euro Prizes are awarded.

The PhD prizes are awarded as part of a cooperation agreement with Bayer to promote scientific exchange. This cooperation provides opportunities for students and young scientists to participate in excursions to Wuppertal as well as internships at research sites in Berlin and Wuppertal. In addition, the Bayer Pharma AG annually awards three PhD

fellowships and provides a PhD mentor.

The 2014 Bayer PhD prizes are awarded to:  

Dr. Stefan Paßlick

Dr. Elvira Mass

Dr. Katrin Jeanette Czogalla



10/2013: Under the University of Bonn provides its doctoral and postdoctoral researchers excellent research opportunities, focused advising, and diverse options for financial aid.










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