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Selected Publications

  • Hoss F, Mueller JL, Rojas Ringeling F, Rodriguez-Alcazar JF, Brinkschulte R, Seifert G, Stahl R, Broderick L, Putnam CD, Kolodner RD, Canzar S, Geyer M, Hoffman HM, Latz E (2019) Alternative splicing regulates stochastic NLRP3 activity. Nat Commun. 10(1):3238. doi: 10.1038/s41467-019-11076-1. PMID: 31324763; PMCID: PMC6642158.
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  • Bedner P, Steinhäuser C (2019) TNFα-Driven Astrocyte Purinergic Signaling during Epileptogenesis. Trends Mol Med 25(2):70-72.
  • Amira AHA, Stahr A, Ingenwerth M, Theis M, Steinhäuser C, von Gall C (2019) Connexin30 and Connexin43 show a time-of-day dependent expression in the mouse suprachiasmatic nucleus and modulate rhythmic locomotor activity in the context of chronodisruption . J Cell Commun Signal 17:61.  


  • Wadle SL, Augustin V, Langer J, Jabs R, Philippot C, Weingarten DJ, Rose CR, Steinhäuser C, Stephan J (2018) Anisotropic Panglial Coupling Reflects Tonotopic Organization in the Inferior Colliculus. Front Cell Neurosci 12:431.
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  • Shtaya A, Sadek AR, Zaben M, Seifert G, Pringle A, Steinhäuser C, Gray WP (2018) AMPA receptors and seizures mediate hippocampal radial glia-like stem cell proliferation. Glia 66:2397-2413.
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  • Zhang J, Griemsmann S, Wu Z, Dobrowolski R, Willecke K, Theis M, Steinhäuser C, Bedner P (2018) Connexin43, but not connexin30, contributes to adult neurogenesis in the dentate gyrus. Brain Res Bull 136:91-100.

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  • Moshrefi-Ravasdjani B, Dublin P, Seifert G, Jennissen K, Steinhäuser C, Kafitz KW, Rose CR (2017) Changes in the proliferative capacity of NG2 cell subpopulations during postnatal development of the mouse hippocampus. Brain Struct Funct, 222(2):831-847.
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  • Deshpande T, Li T, Herde M K, Becker A, Vatter H, Schwarz M K, Henneberger C, Steinhäuser C, Bedner P (2017) Subcellular reorganization and altered phosphorylation of the astrocytic gap junction protein connexin43 in human and experimental temporal lobe epilepsy. Glia 65(11):1809-1820.

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