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We use freshly isolated cells and acute brain slices of mice and rats. In addition acute, vital hippocampal specimens obtained from epilepsy surgery are included in our studies on a regular basis.

  • patch clamp technique (whole cell, perforated patch, excised patch modes)
  • rapid application techniques

Molecular biology
  • single cell RT-PCR (multiplex, real time TaqMan)
  • use of transgenic animals
    (e.g. EGFP/GFAP; YFP/NG2; Kir4.1-/-; AQP4 -/-; Cx30-/-/CX43fl/fl:GFAP-Cre etc.)

  • postrecording immunolabeling of cells in brain slices
  • biocytin filling for visualization of dye coupling and electron microscopic inspection

Confocal / Two photon imaging

Microfluometry (Ca2+ imaging)

Photolysis-based uncaging (Ca2+, ATP)
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